What Needs to be Done
Video Transcript

Hi everyone, I’m Michelle Anthony. Welcome to Family Ministry Conversations. Today our topic is What Needs to be Done?

Jesus modeled and taught that in his kingdom the greatest people are the ones who serve. That idea was in Jesus’ time and still stands in opposition to what the world teaches us about greatness.

How do we as Christ followers model what Jesus taught us about service?

We serve others.

At David C. Cook we ask the question “What needs to be done?” It reminds us to live with our eyes open and our hearts ready for opportunities around us to serve others. And those small acts done with love change our church, our city, the hurting, the poor and the spiritually lost.

One of the greatest gifts leaders and parents can give children is to model and include them in these acts of service. As they watch and participate they begin to love others as Jesus modeled and taught.

Serving opens the door for the Holy Spirit to move in our lives. In fact, the main job of the Holy Spirit as Jesus taught his disciples is to equip us for service.

Let’s join together so that this generation of children will see the love of Jesus. Let’s ask what needs to be done and then respond to that call with great love.

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