Something is Better Than Nothing

Video Transcript

Hi everyone, I’m Michelle Anthony. Welcome to Family Ministry Conversations. Today our topic is Something is Better Than Nothing.

In God’s grand design for passing on the Christian faith he gave parents a truly important role, didn’t he? Parents are primary in God’s plan. There’s no one more important or influential for a child’s faith. For some parents this role is exciting and intuitive but for others it may seem overwhelming.

David C. Cook wants to encourage parents in this role. Let’s help our parents start with something small and then see what God does with it. Parents can do this!

Two Easy Ideas

When it comes to passing on faith to the next generation something is better than nothing. The addition of one or two small intentional faith moments each day or even each week with parents and their children can open the door to great faith conversations and the opportunity for God to move in their homes.

Consider helping your parents do one or both of these ideas before suppertime or bedtime:

  • Read verses from the Bible. Maybe pick a favorite book of the Bible like Mark or Ephesians, or just select a few favorite verses.
  • Pray with their child or bless them and lead them in some way.

Parents can often compare themselves with other parents which can be discouraging. So instead encourage your parents to find and begin with a small step that feels natural and intuitive for them in their home.

This will have significance for their own unique family design. And we believe that God will honor this. We know he will. Starting with something small is better than nothing at all!

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