Project Description


The Grow Family Empowered Event is designed to equip parents as the spiritual leaders of their homes. Through a variety of mediums, parents and caregivers will learn what it means to recognize how God is working in the lives of their children every day. The goal of the Grow Family Empowered Event is to provide parents with the tools they need to replicate a family night in their home using resources they have access to on an ongoing basis.

This resource includes a step-by-step outline for two events, a Grow Parent Event, and a Grow Family Event, as well as a multitude of ideas that can be used to customize these experiences to fit the needs and personality of each church.


  • Coordinator’s Guide
  • Event resources: promotional materials, pamphlets, slides, videos, and more
  • Target Audience: families

Structure/Design/Packaging: Digital download
Category: Families (i.e. children, youth, adult, families, etc)
Age Levels: Preschool to adults