Reaching Kids with Special Needs
Video Transcript

One of the greatest areas of potential growth for your ministry could be in reaching out to kids and families with special needs. There are people all around your church and your ministry that would flock in if they knew that your church cared about their special needs child.

But it’s very overwhelming, isn’t it? Because maybe you don’t feel like you’ve been trained in special needs ministry. Maybe you look around at your volunteers, and you don’t have anyone that’s trained professionally in special needs. And then you think about special needs – and the special needs are all over the map.

And you talk about a child with autism, and the autism spectrum is all over the map. And it can be very overwhelming, and I want to help you with that right now.

Here’s the challenge. The challenge is, “What do I do? Who am I? I’m not qualified.”

Here’s the solution. The solution is to understand that training is just 20% of the equation. That love and acceptance is 80% of the equation.

If I love and accept kids with special needs, and families with special needs, they will flock to my church and to my ministry.

Now, I didn’t say that love and acceptance is 100% – and there are some great ministries and resources out there to help you, to train you, to educate you on how to better minister to kids and families with special needs. But it’s 80% love and acceptance.

I want to encourage you with that thought today. If you’ve faced a barrier in your ministry, wondering how can we minister to kids with special needs, and families that this a part of their day to day reality, remember that the solution is found in a group of people that love and accept those kids.

I’m Ryan Frank, thank you for letting me share with you today. We’ll talk to you soon.

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