My Experience with Worship Response
Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Anne Taylor and I serve with the children’s ministry staff at Christ Community Church in Kansas city and I am going to talk a little bit about worship response.

Worship response is a portion of your morning when you open your hands and realize that while people teach it is really the Holy Spirit that is our teacher.

There might be a story teller who comes and tells us a story, we give kids both the Bible story and we talk about the ponder point, but the Worship Response time is when we acknowledge the Holy Spirit is actually our teacher.

And so that means it can be a really scary time.

I remember my first few times coming in and reading through it and kind of understanding, “Oh, we’re not actually going to have a plan for this time. We’re just going to open it up and we’re going to ask the Holy Spirit to move and the kids are going to be able to walk freely around the room and visit stations.’

Then deciding, “We’re not going to do that.”

Asking God for courage, we did take the step and watched as kids sat quietly for a minute and then rose and visited a station where they might write a letter to God, where they might post a prayer request on the wall. We actually have a LEGO station where they can build a piece of the story, The Action Bible, all sorts of different things.

The most special part about that time I think is as you do it more and more there is a portion at the beginning where we are just quiet. We started with probably about 10 seconds of quiet time and that was a stretch and now we have about a full minute or more where we quietly listen for God to speak to us or pray.

The neat thing about this time is that you’re reinforcing to the kids that the Holy Spirit A.) will talk to them, B.) they can learn to understand his voice and C.) even at their age, at any age, God has something, the Holy Spirit has something for them to do.

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