Volunteers are More
Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Dawn Heckert and I’m at Christ Community Church in Leawood, Kansas. And I just want to share with you guys about the topic of dreaming of more. Especially for your volunteers.

I recently was telling the volunteers at my church that – when my daughter was young, we taught her sign language. So that she would be able to communicate things with us, even though she didn’t have the words.

We taught her, “cookie,” and “cracker,” and “dog.” But her favorite sign of all signs was, “more.”

More, because with a toddler, they are all about their senses. So when she would taste something good, she’d want more. Because it was good, it tasted good.

And if she saw something, and she wanted to have that in front of her again, she’d ask for more. Or she’d have experiences or feel love. And she would say, “More, I want more of those things.”

I was telling my volunteers recently that we don’t always look at ourselves and think of ourselves as more. We think of ourselves simply as volunteers. The sign for volunteer is, “Pick me.” And yeah, it is this – but you’re more than that. In our Ministries, you’re far more than just a volunteer.

And I want you to think about the first disciples. When they agreed to follow Jesus, when they said, “Yes, I will volunteer to follow you.” They had no clue what was coming. They had no idea.

I think about James and John and all of them. Would they have really thought that they would be volunteering to clean up leftovers from 5000 people? Or planning travel and hotel arrangements for 13 every day? Or were they thinking about the fact that they were going to be physicians and healers? And spontaneous moments, or planning outdoor worship experiences? Or even – best yet – that they would eventually corral children. I’m really sure that in that “more moment”, they phrased, “Herding cats” for children.

I just want you to think about the idea that volunteering is more. And they were first known as the followers of Jesus. Then they were known as the disciples of Jesus. And when Jesus left them with his Holy Spirit, he said, “You are the leaders of my church. You are more.”

And so as you look at yourselves today, and you think about, “What am I giving away?” You’re not just giving away your time, ’cause you’re a volunteer to complete a task. You’re more than that. You’re giving away Christ. Because of what Jesus did, you are so much more into this kingdom. So may that be a reminder to you today.

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