Learning What Needs to Be done
Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Patti Fenton. And I am on staff at New Life Church, and I have the privilege of ministering to children and their families. Today’s topic is – what needs to be done?

One of the first times that I heard that question, was after taking Dr. Michelle Anthony’s class on Spiritual Parenting. I began to ask myself, what kind of changes would that question bring in my own life?

It was something that I definitely wanted to bring to our church, and to our faith community. So I personally made the change first.

Making the Choice Personal

I changed my todo list in my phone to read, “What needs to be done?” That just brought another sense of awareness into my mind, as I’d come into a room or encounter people in any situation – that I would ask myself the question.

I actually began to internalize this question, and it changed many things in my life. From an actual response in a situation, to perhaps a prayer for someone in need. Sometimes it was a simple hug, but it definitely changed my paradigm, as I began to go about my days.

I’ve tried my best to bring it to my family. And I’m going to be honest with you, it took a little while. Instead of a list of chores, or things that I’d asked my children to do before they were free for the weekend, I’d ask them to look around and ask, “What needs to be done?”

To this day I still get teased about it a little bit by all of my children. But it changed the paradigm in our home, where my children began to raise their awareness for other people.

Taking it to the Church

Once I had tackled it myself, and with my family – I decided to take it to our church.

I literally just began to use that kind of language. I used it in our classrooms, I began to use it with our parents. And to this day – when I’m at church, actually get the privilege of hearing them say, “Hey, what needs to be done?”

I think if I had to summarize why this was so impactful was that it changed what seemed like an obligation into an opportunity.

Biblically – the place that I see, “What needs to be done,” as probably the most mind blowing, is the cross. Jesus knew what needed to be done.

I want to challenge you to begin to use the language, and to look for opportunities – where you can begin to bring this new question into your church, into your families – and perhaps change the culture.

I challenge you to do it. It will probably wreck you, but in all the right ways.


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