Tru Curriculum Age Levels

Tru helps kids and their families connect to God, find their place in His big story, and respond to Him through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Tru employs a family-empowered ministry model that is God-centered and spiritually forming—through two classroom editions: large group/small group and classroom! It’s easy to get your membership started with this all digital curriculum. Choose an age level below to learn more about Tru.

Tru Blessings

TruBlessings teaches 3-year-old children that God made them, God loves them, and God is with them.

A curriculum with a one-year scope and sequence and is included in the Premium, Combo, and Combo Unlimited membership for free.

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Tru Wonder

TruWonder piques the natural curiosity of preschool and kindergarten-age children and invites them to experience the wonder of who God is.

Available in both large group/small group and a classroom edition.

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Tru Story

TruStory reveals God’s incredible plan to elementary-age children and invites them to be a part of it!

Available in both large group/small group (1st–5th graders) and classroom edition (1st/2nd, 3rd/4th, and 5th/6th grades).

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Tru Identity

TruIdentity empowers middle school students to own their faith as they seek and respond to God, finding their identity in Him.

Available as topical units of varying length for student ministry.

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About Tru Curriculum

Tru is a dynamic, spiritually forming, and family-empowered ministry philosophy that offers a vibrant weekend curriculum, as well as other family resources that meet the specific needs of today’s generation. Tru is uniquely created to inspire, equip, and support parents and church leaders in their ministry to children.

Tru is a fully digital curriculum offering a variety of plans to best suit the unique needs of your church. All plans include access to the Tru member website where you can access lessons, resources, and media. Here and on the Tru ministry site,, members can find Tru communities and interact with other Tru users.

The monthly price of your Tru membership is based on features, not on average class size.

It’s easy to get your Tru membership started—join the Tru family today!